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Explanation of Reiki and Distant Healing

Reiki has no Dogma (religious beliefs) and is described as a "spiritual sense" as having similar, values or ideas related or joined in spirit. Rei means life force energy and Ki means universal. Reiki is hundreds of years old and has been used by many cultures.

Ancient civilizations understood that this life-force energy flowed through the body, supporting optimal development and fulfillment. Reiki is a powerful adjunct to conventional therapeutic modalities. Reiki is a precise method for connecting the Universal Energy with the body's innate powers of healing. This life-force energy is the essence that gives vitality to form.

The biological intelligence that marshals the body's resources to heal a cut finger/mend a broken bone/help the lungs to breath, or ease the transition into death is amplified by Reiki.

Reiki is used in many hospitals/nursing homes/veterinarian clinics, etc. around the country. It is considered Complementary Medicine and unlike Western Medicine that addresses the situation with our well being. Reiki goes to the depth of the source so we can heal ourselves. Reiki when taught is designed for those of us who learn it to be used on ourselves everyday for our healing of all levels.

Eastern philosophy believes that we do not need to wait until we are ill or have an issue to use the Reiki. It is to be used for one's health.

For Distant Healing, Reiki practitioners are taught to meditate and relax and focus on the being or situation at hand.

We do not call upon any spirits to help. This is an energetic connection between the practitioner and the individual. We work as if they were right in front of us and the recipient responds in kind.

This is not unlike sending "love" or saying a prayer to a being or situation. The Practitioner is a Facilitator in this process for their healing. There is a cause and effect that takes place. There are many layers within us and we are capable of so much more than our Western society gives us credit for. We are not machines, but are live beautiful beings that Mother Nature put together with strength and courage.

Our Psychological, Emotional, Endocrine, Circulatory, Respiratory systems and Skeletal, etc. become relative to our well-being and where we are and what happens to us. Reiki connects and deals with all.

A Reiki session may be helpful for:

  • Maintaining daily health
  • Energy balance and renewal
  • Healing acute or chronic illness and/or injury
  • Establishing one's spiritual and emotional balance for life
  • Easing transition between life and death as part of comprehensive palliative care
  • Preparing for surgical procedures and post-operative recovery
  • Balancing families through therapeutic healing
  • and more

During a Reiki session, questions, concerns and information about the healing process are shared. Everything is kept confidential.

During and after a healing session a person may feel deeply relaxed, experience relief from pain, feel balanced, and have a sense of well-being or overall improvement on a combination of levels. Additional changes may continue to occur following the session.

Recommendation is made for one to learn Reiki for empowerment toward self-healing.

Reiki with Animals

Adapting treatment for animals is necessary to accommodate an animal's size, shape, and posture. Reiki helps animals with:

  • Enhancing the closeness between the animal and their caregiver
  • Separation anxiety
  • Veterinary visits
  • Health maintenance for K9 units, therapy and service dogs, and search and rescue dogs
  • Physical injuries such as amputation, sprains or breaks
  • Reactions to immunizations
  • Chronic illness such as arthritis, cancer, Cushings etc.
  • Viruses and disease
  • Blending into a new household
  • Calming the animals in Humane Society, shelters and rescues
  • Aging and palliative care

Animal Reiki enhances and blends with other treatment options, and can be very calming and soothing. When approached with sensitivity and flexibility, most domesticated or wild animals will accept Reiki. Distant healing or hands-on are options during treatment. Reiki always heals the issue that the animal needs most.

Please feel free to contact Kathleen with any additional questions you may have.

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