The following are testimonials from clients and students of Rowan's Tree LLC:

I'm a 49 yr old mother of three, grandmother of ten, a wife, a daughter of a mother with dementia, a survivor of sexual abuse, physical abuse & rape, and I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder. I am also an all around inner peace seeker.

I was originally introduced to Reiki from a massage therapist I knew in Florida while living there. I moved to Wisconsin roughly five years ago. With seeking out a therapist to assist me with my mental illness I was again introduced to Reiki. With the help of my therapist I found someone wonderful to help me down the path of my journey. Not only has Kathy assisted me with the teachings of Reiki but also in spiritual growth.

What Reiki has done for me is simply this: It has helped me to have not only inner peace, physical healing, but has also brought me into a more open minded space to accept what the universe has in store for me. It has helped me to deal with my mental illness and has taught me that my mental illness does not define me for I am much more than that. It has also helped my adult daughter focus more on herself, her health, and her growth of inner peace and healing. She too has taken a Reiki class. My youngest daughter who is 16 will also be taking a class. Reiki has also helped my 16yr old deal with grieving her grandmother who has dementia, to open her mind, body & spirit to the Universe, to assist her on this journey of life, and to have inner peace and confidence in trusting her intuition. I am very grateful for finding this healing power of the Universe. It has given me better health, a sense of inner peace, self love, strength, and the capabilities to be a vessel of this healing energy for others.
-- Diane J

I was introduced to Reiki through my mother back in 2011. I became a practitioner in 2012 because I needed Reiki daily and someone was kind enough to "gift" me this session. I'm a very spiritual person. I believe in God and was afraid of Reiki at first. I thought Reiki would take the "glory" away from God, but through Reiki, I actually found God in a whole new realm.

I was a very good actress on the outside, but bruised and coming apart on the inside. I thought, "It will go away." In fact, some memories strayed from my mind, but not my body. So I thought. After acknowledging and honoring my thoughts and feelings, that's when I started making progress. My journey has been a long, necessary one, but I am so grateful for all of it. Reiki and Kathy has helped me through so much and I'm still making progress.

Today, I am more aware of who I am as a person. I have worked very hard at not being responsible for others. Plus, I've found myself. I am who I want to be!
-- Tiffany H

I contacted Kathy in November, 2013, searching for someone to help me work with my horse, Hombre, who had been anxious and distressed for several months. Numerous discussions with veterinarians led nowhere, and he was not getting better.

Kathy arrived on a cold November day and worked quietly with Hombre in the aisle of the barn. He was wary of this new person, but not for long, as she touched him and concentrated on different areas of his body. I could see him begin to relax and trust her. It was fascinating to see this high-strung Spanish Arabian gelding let down his guard so quickly. The other two horses in the barn were very attentive to what was happening, and gradually the whole group began to settle and finally relax to the point of dozing off, complete with relaxed ears and hanging heads.

Reiki was a practice I was aware of, but did not fully understand. After seeing how my animals responded to it, I decided to take the class in level one Reiki. What I hadn't realized was how it would also help me become more "in touch" with my self, therefore becoming more able to relate to the animals on a level they could (and would) accept. I believe it helped to de-clutter our lines of communication.

A few days ago, Hombre seemed to be distraught about something, with head-shaking and agitation. He didn't want to be touched, but I stood calmly, a couple of feet away and began to Reiki him. Within a few minutes he came closer, then dropped his head into my hands and heaved a big sigh......my reward for taking time to "listen" to his need rather than demand a response.

Reiki is now part of my repertoire when working with the horses, cats and dogs. It is like a "big hug" for them when I begin by focusing on one animal and have them all begin to respond.
-- Barb W

I have been receiving Reiki treatments for quite a few years, and have appreciated the many benefits it gave me. It has helped me feel more relaxed, emotionally centered, and connected with my inner self. It has also given me more understanding of my spirituality, and the journey that my life is on.

Several years ago I decided to be trained in practicing Reiki at the beginning level, and receive the attunements. This gave me a better appreciation for the history of this energy, and the gift it provides to others. I have mainly practiced it on myself and my family, along with my dog and my garden. But I primarily give myself the Reiki energy on a fairly regular basis to help myself prepare for my day, and also to help relax and fall asleep at night. I am a psychotherapist, so this practice has been useful in helping me to be more present and centered in my work.

My husband and son have appreciated receiving Reiki from me several times. This has been most helpful when they were going through a stressful period with their work or challenges related to being in college. Our family dog has also been more relaxed and comfortable when I have given her Reiki. Kathleen Leone, my Reiki practitioner, and Reiki Master, gave Reiki to our dog at the end of her life. This was very helpful to our dog, and to us, in helping us understand how to most respectfully enable her to pass on to her next life. It helped with our grief, and Kathy gave me valuable guidance in how to use Reiki to help our dog, Ellie, be more comfortable when she was actually euthanized.

In writing this testimonial, I’ve realized that Reiki has given me a deeper connection to myself, my loved ones, and to the natural world around me. I look forward to taking the next level of Reiki soon so that I can continue to find ways that it can enrich my life.
-- Barb D

Reiki Experiences @ KeLe Alpacas

It all started with our alpaca friends introducing us to their animal communicator friend Kathy, who is also a Reiki Master. My 2012 Christmas present from LeAnna was to have Kathy out to visit with us and our four dogs. While sitting in our living room with the dogs, Kathy preceded to tell us things about our dogs that there was no way she could have ever known without being an animal communicator. That visit was also our first exposure to the hands on healing energy of Reiki.

We were so impressed with Kathy's connection with the dogs that we asked her to come back and work with the alpacas. The first time Kathy went into a pen of eleven young female alpacas I was amazed at what happened. Alpacas are usually docile animals. With Kathy giving Reiki they soon started lying down in front of her and before long had surrounded her with cushed (lying down) alpacas. That doesn’t happen when a stranger comes into their pen.

Sometime after that visit we were planning to go to a three day alpaca show with four of our young females. One is a dark grey with white face and chocolate milk moustache by the name of Aliana, She is always the most easily stressed and vocal of the group. Kathy spent about 45 minutes with the group the day before we left for the show. Aliana was quiet and relaxed for the whole show in that strange environment.

Those kinds of experiences convinced LeAnna and I to take Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 classes from Kathy, mainly to use for our farm animals (alpacas, lamas, emus, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, goldfish, etc). I always feel better after giving or receiving the good energy of Reiki. Usually I give it to a farm animal that needs help. One day I saw a red squirrel yakking at me in a willow tree on the south side of our barn. I asked if he/she wanted Reiki and I started sending the good energy. In a few minutes the red squirrel was stretched out on a limb, all relaxed. Two hours later the squirrel was still sleeping on the limb. That is not normal for an energetic red squirrel.

We started Reiki to help our animals. Then LeAnna needed a new knee and Reiki helped the surgery go smoothly. Reiki has brought the greatest comfort when dealing with the passing from this life. I have used it to help our lama Sienna and last spring our dog Maggie to move on to the next life on their own without having to call a vet. It still brings tears, but they are tears of peace and comfort.

-- Keith Bancroft

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