Legacy of the Rowan Tree

The Rowan tree has a long tradition in European mythology and folklore. It was thought to be a magical tree and protection against malevolent beings. In Celtic mythology it is called the Traveller's Tree because it prevents those on a journey from getting lost.

The density of Rowan wood makes it very usable for walking sticks. This is why druid staffs, for example, have traditionally been made out of Rowan wood, and its branches were often used in dowsing. Rowan was carried on vessels to avoid storms, kept in houses to guard against lightning, and even planted on graves to keep the deceased from haunting. It is customary in the Scottish Highlands to plant a Rowan Tree outside every home to protect against evil spirits.

The berries are used for medicinal purposes and teas.

The Rowan Tree is a relative of the American mountain ash.

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Rowan tree

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