Eligibility Criteria
for Reiki Master-Teacher Level Training

The following are the standards and considerations to be used by Reiki Master-Teacher student candidates seeking to achieve this level under the auspices of Rowan's Tree:

  1. Comfortable knowledge of Reiki History - use of symbols and drawing symbols. Understanding of Hand Positions for self-treatment and on others.
  2. Use of Precepts daily.
  3. Practicing Reiki on oneself daily for health, healing and grounding. It is recommended that one does not pursue Master-Teacher level training until they have done self-healing with Reiki.
  4. Having confidence and trust in Reiki by doing an internal assessment of your inner ego and attitudes.
  5. It is important to have experience when committing to the Teaching level of Reiki by working on others.
  6. The term Master-Teacher cannot be used unless you have taught at least one other person. If you do not plan to actually teach it is advised not to take Master-Teacher level training.
  7. Setting a good example as a Reiki Master-Teacher is very important. People want a teacher who is authentic and has experience. People become more comfortable and relaxed. Having trust and confidence in Reiki comes through to the client/student when you are teaching or sharing information about Reiki. It is your attitude that creates the results you receive.
  8. Remember that regardless of your current knowledge and skills there is always room for improvement and growth.
  9. Reiki is a spirtual journey and lifestyle. You may feel that the spiritual and material world do not work together. This needs to be addressed within oneself by dealing with this feeling. The energy that Reiki brings into the material world blends and supports all that is necessary.
  10. One needs to commit to at least one year of shadowing your Reiki Master - someone who is encouraging, competent and capable.
  11. Being a Reiki Master-Teacher includes a commitment to being available to your students for questions, thoughts or problems about Reiki.
  12. Becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher is a lifelong journey towards self-improvement, healing, and cleansing of the soul - becoming love and compassion; expanding your own trust in Reiki by healing past and present issues; and bringing greater harmony to your life.

Honor and Love Yourself!!!

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