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Classes and Services Offered

All level Reiki classes can be taught individually or as a group, at any time. You do not need to wait for these classes to be on the Calendar. A registration fee of $100 will hold your place in these classes. Any individual cancelling less than 72 hours before the class date will not be refunded their registration fee. You may transfer your registration fee to another class. If you wish to organize a class and can confirm the registrants, you will receive $100 off your class fee. If Rowan's Tree LLC cancels a class, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee. Contact Kathleen Leone for further information.

In addition, if you have taken a prior-level Reiki class through Rowan's Tree, you are welcome to retake any prior-level class again as a review, at no cost to you. This no-cost review applies to Reiki classes only. See our Events Schedule for upcoming group and individual classes.
Gift certificates are available for all classes and services.
Okuden-Zenki (Level 1) Cost: $240
Teaches one how to use Usui Reiki for self and others. Instruction includes:
  • History and Precepts
  • Hand positions for healing self and others
  • Applications
  • Classroom hands-on experience
  • Course book and hand-outs
  • Student will receive four attunements
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: None.
This is a two-day class.
Okuden-Koki (Level 2) Cost: $440
Students are taught:
  • Symbols that add to the healing work
  • Symbol for Distant Healing
  • Application of symbols
  • Classroom hands-on experience for Distant Healing
  • Student will receive two attunements
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: Level 1.
This is a two-day class.
Shinpiden Shihan-Kaku (Advanced Reiki Training) Cost: $365
Instruction includes:
  • Reiki Master symbol
  • Application of Master symbol during treatments
  • Additional techniques
  • Classroom hands-on experience
  • Course book
  • Student will receive one attunement
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: Level 2.
This is a one-day class.
Shinpiden Shihan (Reiki Master Teacher) Cost: $465
Instruction includes:
  • Review the eligibility criteria before enrolling in Master-Teacher training
  • Meditations
  • Teaching and how to give attunements
  • Course book
  • Classroom hands-on experience
  • Student will receive two attunements
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: Advanced Reiki Training.
This is a two-day class.
Animal Reiki Cost: $120
Teaches energy bodywork for all animals:
  • Using Reiki on animals
  • Learning and practicing hand positions
  • Accommodating types of animals, their surroundings and conditions
  • Learning how Reiki helps the animal with hands-on and distantly for:
    • calming
    • wellness
    • adjusting to different experiences
    • relationships
  • Classroom hands-on experience
  • Hand-outs
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: Minimum of Reiki Level 1.
This is a one-day, 5-hour class. Fee decreases to $85 for this class if taken in combination with any level of Reiki.
Animal Communication - Basic Cost: $215
This class is the first of two levels, and introduces students to the awareness we all have to communicate on an intuitive level. Students will be guided through meditations and exercises. Working with the body's energy will help students learn how to focus, relax and have an open heart to what animals domestic and wild have to share.

Communicating and connecting with animals teaches a lot about life and healing for the greater good.

The Basic class is a two day class. There will be handouts for students to use during the class and as a guide afterwards. Students will receive a Certificate upon completion.

Note: Both levels can be taught on-site - for example, horse stables, alpaca farms, or any comfortable setting. This makes for an excellent experience for the student and animals.
Animal Communication - Advanced Cost: $265
The Advanced class is a continuation of the Basic Animal Communication, which is a prerequisite for this class. Advanced class is more in depth.

You will be taken through Shamanic Journeying to meet your Animal Totem and will practice Telepathic Sensing within the group. This will fine-tune your intuitiveness, continuing to learn about yourself when you work with animals.

We will work on any thoughts, experiences and questions that you have from the Basic class. I will be here to guide you by confirming your questions, working out misconceptions, and helping you to understand if the communication was incomplete.

The Advanced class is a two day class. There will be handouts for students to use during the class and as a guide afterwards. Students will receive a Certificate upon completion.

Scholarships based upon availability for Animal Communication classes. Through the generosity of owners whose pets have passed, these scholarships are given in their pet's name and placed on the student's certificate. Contact Kathleen for information on availability and how to apply for scholarship.
Individual Readings Cost: $95 per hour
A reading may address Past and/or Present life information. This may include information about Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Angels, and loved ones who have or need to move on.

The information that comes forward during a Reading Session is meant to enlighten and bring balance into one's life. Sessions are confidential.

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