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Animal Communication: An Empathic Relation

Animal Communication is becoming more necessary for the animal- human barrier to open and change for the greater good. Bringing our connection closer to animals acknowledging them for the intelligent teachers that they are.

It is in childhood that we have the ability to communicate telepathically with beings around us. We loose this as we are taught to communicate thru verbal skills.

Learning how to bring this ability back and how to live with this communication is a step in the right direction. We reawaken our bodies senses, learning mindfulness and awareness. Sharing compassion, love and trust with every animal you come in contact with.

I have understood and communicated with animals since I was a child. In 2004 I started communicating and helping animals and their owners to listen and understand each other. I am always humbled by the incidence between animals and their humans and the healing outcome.

Rowan's Tree LLC offers Animal Communication classes. Basic Animal Communication and Advanced Animal Communication.

Please refer to my website: rowanstreellc.com for more information and click onto "Classes and Services Offered" for more information.

I look forward to working with you.
Kathleen Leone

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